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Automation Projects

Food Production Plant - 2016

Together with team at RMR Process, Integrated Industries Riverina delivered a turn key control solution to a brown field deserts factory located in Ingleburn NSW.

The delivery included:

  • Process detailing
  • Control cabinet manufacture
  • Automation including PLC and SCADA
  • On site process engineering and automtion support
  •  24/7 Remote support

Integrated Industries Riverina played an instrumental role in having the plant produce record tonnes per day, well beyond which the plant was originally expected to produce leaving the customer overwhelmed with the results.


Water & Waste Water Projects

Water and waste water projects throughout NSW and Victoria are regularly being executed by Integrated Industries Riverina. Our team ahve a wealth of knowledge in this market and offer some the most intelligent, dynamic solutions in the market today. From the largest bores in the southern NSW to pump stations in the Gippsland Integrated Industries Riverina are quickly being recognized as a market leader in pump control innovation.

Some of our most notable projects include:

  • Moxey Farms Effluent Managemnt System in Cowra, NSW
  • 200KW Pump Testing Station in Griffith, NSW.
  • Upgrades to full VSD control of the largest single Grape Vinyard in the Riverina.
  • Large Nut Drip irrigation pump stations
  • Diesel pump integration with fully automated pump station

Integrated Industries Riverina as uniquely positioned to provide the latest in pump control technology to your business.


Switchboard Building

Freedom Foods Group, Murrami NSW.

As part of the turn key control system supply for a number of projects at Freedom Foods Murrami plant, Integrated Industries Riverina designed built and installed a number of food processing control panels for thier processing and packing lines.

Boasting the latest in the Rockwell PLC platform and Allen Bradley VSD's the control panel and control system was the perfect balance between control and cost. With enough dynamics to tune the system to perfection with minimal fuss the processes were up and running in no time "guaranteeing success" for another customer without breaking the bank.


Product Delivery System - 2013

Integrated Industries designed, programmed, installed and commissioned a new Wine Product Delivery System at a local winery. The system handles all functions of the filtration and delivery system to reduce mistakes and maximise plant availability. 

The system was built with standard off-the-shelf automation equipment from Rockwell Automation. All technologies, both hardware and software, are based on open standards and equipment to allow for easy replacement and upgrade paths in the future.  

The system sequences were programmed using Sequential Function Charts. This allows for easy visual identification and diagnostics of the process. The HMI was carefully designed to be both easy to use and informative; ensuring that operators even in the middle of the night will easily be able to monitor and control the system.


Product Delivery System -  HMI for operators. Clean and easy to understand.

Product Delivery System - SFC implementation of a cleaning sequence.

Process Engineering

Product Delivery System (Carbonated and Non Carbonated Beverage) - 2012

In a complex project where suppliers stated we would never succeed in integrating such complex machines into one cohesive unit, we worked tirelessly to produce one of our proudest achievements. A world first product delivery system was developed with many challenges, some of which were new territory for these types equipment, but all were overcome securing our experience in fluid transfer and filtration. The system now stands as a testament to automation efficiency with operator training for this equipment going from 12 months to under 4 weeks.

Packaging Line V-Curve Tuning - 2011

With the fastest packaging line of its type in the world producing at maximum 60% run efficiency and the V-Curve flat lined, the task of tuning to design specifications was a long and challenging exercise. Small but critical changes made at just the right points along the line and an increase in throughput across all of the production machines saw the line able to regularly produce at 102% in single hour instances against the designed packaging line output. Today an overall increase in output of 20% is attributed to the hard work invested in this project.